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Xiaoning Wang
Raymond Li
Bryan Zheng
Bin Liu

Assistant Professor at UC Merced

Muxin Zhang
Luca Canale
Jesse Silverberg
Xiang Cheng

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota

Jeanette Nguyen

Gradutate student at AMOLF

Corinne Henak

Faculty at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Marc-Antoine Bouvattier

Student at École Polytechnique

Neil Lin

Postdoc in Lewis Lab, Harvard

Tsevi Beatus

Faculty at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Beatus Lab Website

Samuel Dillavou

Consultant Delloite

Ben Nachman

Graduate Student in Physics at Stanford

Svetlana Morozova

Graduate Student Polymer Science and Engineering at UMass Amherst

Desmond Ong

Grad Student in Psychology, Stanford

Dan Porter
Jiaxin Liu
Lauren McLeod
Peter Town
Uyen Nguyen
Leif Ristroph

Faculty at the Currant Institute NYU

John Savage

Liquidia Technologies

Mark Buckley

Postdoctorate at UPenn

Sharon Gerbode

Assistant Professor of Physics at Harvey Mudd College

Michael Packer
Katharine Coumes

Cornell Undergraduate

Brad Lyon

Grad. student at Caltech

Rajesh Ganapathy

Professor, International Centre for Materials Science

Witat Fakcharoenphol

UI Urbana-Champaign physics grad.

Matthew Farrar

Cornell physics grad.

Kirk Jensen

Masters student at Cornell

Jonathan Fouchard

University Paris-Diderot (Paris 7)

Rivka Polyakov

RIT physics undergrad.

Jillian Kiser

Olin College of Eng. undergrad

Jonathan McCoy

Assistant Physics Professor at Colby College

Erica Pratt

Cornell Biomedical Eng. grad.

Andrew Norrick Potter
Angie Wolfgang

Astro. Grad. at UC Santa Cruz

Michael Turk

Graduate Student at UPenn

Jonathan Sobota

Stanford physics grad.