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Syracuse Math Science Partnership - Teacher Professional Development

We are helping to provide workshops for Middle School Science Teachers designed to support the teaching of physical science at the middle school level.  These workshops are directed by the Cornell Center for Materials Research.

Lansing Residential Center Tutoring

Weekly tutoring is provided to young women in a local juvenile detention center. For more information, email Sharon Gerbode at

Also, check out our blog page:

Sciencenter Egg Drop

Itai Cohen MCed the 2007, 2008, and 2009 events which brought together Eggcellent Scientists and Eggineers to center city Ithaca.

New York Complex Matter Workshop

At these workshops we bring together talks from researchers in the New York area as well as an additional keynote speaker. The rest of the time will be taken up by short (2 min.) presentations. These presentations give the audience a flavor for the research topic and techniques used to address the research problem discussed. The overall goal is to give the audience an overview of the type of research techniques being used and problems being studied in the New York area.

Previous key note speakers include:Uli Wisener, L. Mahadevan, Sid Nagel, Watt Web, Tom Whitten, Seth Fraden, and Eric Shaqfeh.

Dance of Scales

Itai is working with Redshift productions and Maren Waldman, a choreographer and dancer, to create a dance and spoken word performance focused on motion at different length scales. Thus far we have performed at the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net) 2009 meeting in San Francisco and the 2010 Light in Winter Festival in Ithaca, NY.

Science Lives

Recently, Itai Cohen caught up with Ellen Ferrante  to discuss what it is like being a scientist. The interview is available on the LiveScience website, which has partnerships with MSNBC and Google News. ScienceLives is designed to showcase scientists and engineers who are
producing cutting-edge research in their fields.

Families Learning Science Together

In collaboration with the Cornell Center for Materials Research and the Ithaca Public Library, Jesse has been participating in the monthly series Families Learning Science Together.  Themes range from "the science of bridge building" to "junk box experiments."  Each month a new set of activities is available for children and parents to engage in together.  Stop by the Ithaca library and ask about when the next event is scheduled, or email JLS533 <at> to find out more.